Extension of Accreditation

Extension – the re-accreditation of a currently accredited learning activity, in which there is no or minimal change in the content of the learning activity, for another accreditation period.  Extensions of an accreditation can be applied for following the initial accreditation year plus two renewal years.

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Extension Application Process

You may also download the Accreditation Manual for Program Providers, which provides a step-by-step guide to the extension application process.

1. Prepare and compile the learning activity documents:

  • Learning Activity text/content (if updated)
  • Document outlining changes to the content (if updated; changes may be marked in the revised content document if preferred)
  • Learner assessment/Post Test and answer key/marking rubric (if updated and applicable)
  • Learning Activity Evaluation form (if updated)
  • Statement/Letter of Attendance (if updated)
  • Information available to Learners (e.g., brochure, promotion information; if updated)

2. Prepare and compile the required forms:

  • Disclosure forms (for expert reviewers and author(s))
  • Expert Reviewer Release Statements and comments and Author(s) response

3. On the CCCEP website, go to the member LOG IN area.  Log in using your Provider (or accredited provider) User Name and Password.

4. In the Provider Work Area, click on the “Apply for Extension” button to open the Extension of Accreditation Form.

5. Complete the Extension of Accreditation Form

6. Email CCCEP to advise that you have applied for an Extension, quoting the activity number, and whether you have updated the learning activity content.

Extension Review Timeline

The review period for an Extension application is two weeks.

For detailed information on review timelines, go to the Accreditation Timelines webpage.

Extension Accreditation Fees

The accreditation fees for an extension of accreditation may be found on the Accreditation Fee webpage.

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