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Applying To Be An Accredited Provider

The CCCEP Accredited Provider Policy outlines the criteria for assessing the capacity of an organization to be a CCCEP accredited provider, outlines the expectations and privileges of an accredited provider and provides an overview of the application process to be a CCCEP accredited provider.

A general timeline regarding the application process may be found in the appendices of the policy document.

The Accredited Provider Application and Assessment document  provides a detailed explanation of the application process, the required application documents and the standards for each criterion. The application form will be sent to an applicant once the Intent to Apply is received.

Applications are normally reviewed by the Board of Directors at the Spring and Fall meetings. To be reviewed at the Spring meeting of the Board of Directors the Intent to Apply must normally be submitted by January 15. To be reviewed at the Fall meeting of the Board of Directors, the Intent to Apply must be submitted by July 31.

Intent to Apply

The first step in the Application to become an Accredited Provider is the submission of the Intent to Apply form. This form is to be submitted to the Executive Director of CCCEP at

If you have questions regarding the Accredited Provider program, please contact the Executive Director at