New Learning Activity Application

new learning activity is any learning activity that has not been previously submitted to CCCEP for accreditation or a previously submitted learning activity in which the content has been changed.

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Learning Activity Accreditation Review

A learning activity accreditation review is deemed to commence when all the required documentation has been received and confirmed.

All periods stated on this page do not include statutory holidays. One day will be added for each statutory holiday in the review period.

Application Process – New Activity

Every application for a new learning activity accreditation must be accompanied by a completed Accreditation Checklist form.  You may download this Accreditation Checklist from the forms page.  The form will assist you in identifying the documents and forms that must be submitted with your application.

You may also download the Accreditation Manual for Program Providers, which provides a step-by-step guide to the accreditation application process.

  1. Prepare and compile the learning activity documents/required forms:

    • Completed Accreditation Application Checklist.
    • All forms and documents noted on the checklist.

    Suggestion 1: Combine your files into up to three Zip files.

    Suggestion 2: If an individual or cumulative file size exceeds the limits noted on the on-line application form, please contact CCCEP with respect to another means by which to submit your documents.

  2. On the CCCEP website, go to the member LOG IN area.  Log in using your Provider (or accredited provider) User Name and Password.
  3. In the Provider Work Area, click on the “Upload Activity” button to open the Accreditation Application Form.
  4. Complete the Accreditation Application Form.  For step-by-step instructions on completing this form, please consider the Accreditation Manual for Program Providers referenced above.

New Learning Activity Review Timeline

CCCEP provides a regular review and a fast track review for new learning activities.

Regular Review:

  • Initial Review – identification of changes needed (if any) – 5 weeks (6 weeks if greater than 4 CEUs)
  • Revisions and Final Approval – up to one week from receipt of changes

Fast Track Review:

  • Initial Review – identification of changes needed (if any) – 9 days (14 days if greater than 4 CEUs)
  • Revisions and Final Approval – up to 2 days from receipt of required changes

For detailed information on the review timeline, go to the Accreditation Timelines webpage.

New Activity Accreditation Fees

The accreditation fees for new learning activity accreditations may be found on the Accreditation Fees page.

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