Certificate Programs

Important Note:

CCCEP’s Certificate level accreditation is suspended while further review and assessment is undertaken.

This suspension does not impact competency mapped certificate accreditation other than the removal of the certificate review aspect and does not impact programs previously accredited as certificate programs.

A certificate level program is considered to include a higher level of learning than a regular continuing education program. To be accredited as a certificate program, a continuing education program must meet specific conditions relating to application of learning, learner assessment and the certificate of completion.
A certificate may issued only for a programs accredited as a certificate program. Other continuing education programs may issue a statement or letter of attendance.

CCCEP’s policy on Certificate Program accreditation is suspended as of May 26, 2023 pending further review. Please consult the Important Notes at the top of this page.

Application Process

The application process for certificate program accreditation is the same as for a new learning activity accreditation with the exception of the additional learner assessment requirements noted above, that will be reviewed as part of the accreditaiton process. When submitting your new learning activity application (details found here) the only distinction from a regular new learning activity is that you must choose YES in the Certificate Program section (pictured below) of the application form.

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