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Presenter-author-reviewer (PAR) Database

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Purpose Of Database

The purpose of the Presenter-Author- Reviewer database is to link individuals who are interested in presenting, authoring and/or reviewing a learning activity with providers. Many program providers have trouble finding individuals with an advanced knowledge in the subject matter to present, author and review their programs.

Program providers are required to have their learning activity (program) reviewed by either two external experts or an expert panel prior to submitting the learning activity to CCCEP for accreditation. The expert reviewer reviews the learning activity and must sign a release statement verifying that the learning activity is an accurate and balanced presentation of the most current best available evidence.

Submitting Name To Database

Any individual may submit their name to the database if they wish to be contacted by a provider to:

  • Present a Live learning activity for a provider; and/or
  • Author a learning activity (Live presentation, journal article, web-based learning activity, etc.); and/or
  • Conduct an expert review for a provider.
For the purposes of doing an expert review, an expert is any person who has advanced knowledge of a subject area due to their education, work experience and/or research. To submit your name to the Presenter-Author- Reviewer (PAR) Database, you simply open and complete the online application form.

Application Form

The Application Form consists of:

  • Your name and contact information (visible only to CCCEP)
  • Your education and professional credentials
  • Your subject matter areas of advanced knowledge

(This is a checklist of health conditions, special populations, special processes and pharmacy management)

  • How you wish a provider to contact you:
    • Your website, and/or
    • Your social media (Facebook, Linked-In, etc.), and/or
    • E-mail
You may update your information or remove your name from the database at any time. If you wish to submit your name to the PAR Database, click here.

Access To Database


Providers must log-in to their Provider Work Area on the CCCEP website before they can search the database. The Database is not searchable from the general area of the CCCEP website.

If you have questions about the Presenter-Author Reviewer Database, please contact us by e-mail ( or phone (709-221-4082).


If you have already submitted your name to the database and are trying to update your profile you must login with the username and password you set up when you registered. Go the LOGIN button on the top right hand side of the main website. Once logged in, select “edit profile” at the top of the website. Your profile will display in the application form, and you can edit sections as required. Please save your changes before exiting. If you wish to remove your name from the database you must contact CCCEP by e-mail ( or phone (709-221-4082).