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Learning Activities

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Search for a Learning Activity

You may search the CCCEP database for any learning activity that is currently accredited by CCCEP.

The search function allows you to narrow your results, if desired, by identifying your specific interests. Once you have completed your search, a list of accredited activities matching your search criteria will be generated.

To obtain a description of the learning activity and the registration information, click on the title to open the Learning Activity information page for that activity.

Register in a Learning Activity

CCCEP is an accreditation agency, and does not directly deliver continuing education learning activities.  CCCEP accredits the learning activities that are developed and delivered by approximately 100 continuing health education program providers.  To register for a learning activity accredited by CCCEP, you must contact the program provider.

Once you have found a list of learning activities using the search function referenced above, click on the title of the learning activity you are interested in registering for to open the Learning Activity Information Form.  This form provides a brief description of the learning activity and the contact information you will require in order to obtain more information about the activity or to register in the activity.

Certificate Programs

This category of accreditation is currently under review and is paused.

Competency Mapped Accredited Programs

Competency mapped accreditation is an enhanced accreditation process for certificate programs that reviews the objectives and content of the program to ensure that the program meets a pre-determined set of competencies for a subject area.

There are currently three Competency Mapped Accredited Program areas.  For more information on these areas, requirements for accreditation of programs in those areas, and actively accredited programs, please click on the links below.  

For  further information on Competency Mapped Accreditation in general please click here.

Learning Objective Mapped Accredited Programs

Learning Objective Mapped Accreditation is an enhanced accreditation process that reviews the objectives and content of a learning activity against a set of pre-determined learning objectives for the subject area, in addition to the review of the learning activity for relevance to practice, quality of the learning experience, evidence-based content and absence of bias.

There is currently one Learning Objective Mapped program area, pertaining to Pharmacy Manager training.

For further information on Learning Objective Mapped Accreditation please click here.