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Competency Mapped Accreditation

Competency mapped accreditation is an enhanced accreditation process for certificate programs.
Competency Mapped programs must meet a set of predetermined competencies.
Programs submitted for Competency Mapped accreditation are first reviewed as regular continuing education programs and then reviewed to ensure that the objectives and content of the program meet the pre-determined set of requirements or standards for a subject area.

To download a copy of the Competency Mapped Certificate Program Accreditation policy, click here.

Current Competency Mapped Accredited Program Areas

Competency Mapped Accreditation is currently provided for programs in the following areas. For further information on these program areas click on the topic area below:  

Application Process

The accreditation process for a competency mapped program occurs in two stages.

The Stage 1 submission process is the same as for all new learning activity accreditation applications. However, you should advise CCCEP at the time of the stage 1 application that you will be seeking Competency Mapped Accreditation. For details on the stage 1 application process please see the new learning activity submission page by clicking here

Once your Stage 1 accreditation process is complete, you will be asked to submit, via email, the Competency Mapped Application Form to initiate the Stage 2 review process. This application form contains the competencies and content against which your learning activity must be mapped. This application form is reviewed by an Expert Reviewer contracted by CCCEP, to determine if your activity fully or subtantially meets the required competencies. You may download the Stage 2 Competency Mapped Application  from the CCCEP Forms Page . As changes to content are often required during the Stage 1 review process please do not complete or submit the Stage 2 application form until your Stage 1 process is complete.