Standard 4: Educational and Non-promotional

Standard 4: Learning Activities will be educational and will not promote products or companies, or contain promotional materials.

Required Elements to Meet The Standard

4.1 Providers will ensure that sponsored learning activities meet the standards for CCCEP Accreditation by ensuring:

a) The Provider maintains independent control of the Needs Assessment, content development, registration of learners and the delivery and program Evaluation of the Learning Activity;

b) Providers will have clear and transparent Sponsorship agreements that governs their relationship with the Sponsor and ensures this independent control as well as the protection of privacy, confidentiality, and copyright obligations.

 4.2 Learning activities will not be used for the promotion of products or companies, and will not contain promotional materials.

 4.3 Materials from promotional or product information of Commercial Interests will not be used in learning activities.

4.4 Names, logos, slogans or branding associated with Sponsors or other Commercial Interests will not be used in a Learning Activity, with the exception of the following circumstances:

a) The name of a Sponsor may be used once at the beginning of a Learning Activity;

b) The name of a Sponsor, as well as the Sponsor’s logo, may be used once in promotional materials provided it is separated from the delivery of the educational content;

c) A Provider may use their logo and corporate name on any content, promotion or other material associated with the Learning Activity they are delivering.

4.5 Product images of a Sponsor’s product(s) or any other commercial interest will not be used in any Learning Activity, including the promotional or other material related to the Learning Activity, except where the image is required to clearly convey the educational content to the learners, in which case:

a) the image must be modified to ensure the company name and logo are removed; or

b) multiple images must be used to show a variety of similar products.

 4.6 Colours and images used in content and promotional materials will be neutral and not those of a Commercial Interest or drug product/device mentioned in the Learning Activity.

 Presentations will have a template with a colour scheme that is not similar to the colours used in Sponsor, company or product materials or the website of any product mentioned in the Learning Activity.