Guideline H: Post Delivery Requirements


1. Providers will submit to CCCEP a summary of the learner evaluations of their Learning Activity in accordance with the following schedule:

     1.1 Live activities – at least once per year;

     1.2 Conferences – within 30 days of the delivery of the Conference;

     1.3 Regularly Scheduled Series – at least quarterly;

     1.4 Independent Study – at least once per year; and

     1.5 Blended (i.e., a combination of live and independent study) – at least once per year.

2. The learner evaluation summary must include:

2.1 CCCEP Learning Activity number;

2.2 Learning Activity delivery date(s) or delivery period;

2.3 Learning Activity location(s) (if delivered in-person);

2.4 Number of participants; and

2.5 Summary of participant evaluations, which must include:

    2.5.1 Summary of the results of closed ended questions; and

    2.5.2 Comments received on any open-ended questions.

3. The learner evaluation summary report should not include the names of learners or other identifying information.

4. An audit may be conducted on a random selection of learning activities each year or may be conducted upon the receipt of a complaint about a Learning Activity.

Learning Activity Review

5. Providers must review learning activities on a regular basis, at minimum annually, to ensure the content remains current and reflects the feedback from participants regarding their learning experience.

6. Providers are strongly encouraged to consider changes more frequently than once per year if the outcome of participations’ program evaluations, introduction of new therapies, practice guidelines or other elements identify the need for early action.

      6.1  Any changes to an accredited Learning Activity must be approved as part of an Activity Update and cannot exceed 10% of the program content. All Activity Updates must be accompanied by one Expert Review. Changes in excess of this amount require the program to be submitted as a new Learning Activity submission and will be subject to a full Accreditation review

     6.2  Changes such as broken links, grammatical changes, and typographical errors do not require an Activity Update application and can be modified as they are identified.