Guideline B: Product Names and Images and Company References

1. Where possible, and subject to the exceptions provided for in Section 2, only generic names should be used in accredited learning activities when referring to manufactured pharmaceutical products or devices.

2. The use of a trade/brand/proprietary name should only be used where required, including circumstances such as, but not limited to:

       2.1 Where patient safety is at risk;

       2.2 Where it is necessary to avoid confusion between products with substantive differences in therapeutic results or effects;

       2.3 When there is no generic name;

       2.4 Where there is only one product available in a class of drugs;

       2.5 Where the product is a combination product with multiple active ingredients;

       2.6 Where another Canadian Accreditation organization has required brand name usage in accrediting the same Learning Activity; or

       2.7 Other circumstances deemed acceptable to CCCEP, where an explanation is provided at the time of the application or following the issuance of the preliminary report.

3. If a trade/brand/proprietary name is used in accordance with Section 2:

      3.1 The brand name will appear in parentheses after the generic name;

      3.2 The brand name of all similar or equivalent products will be used; and

      3.3 Every drug/device mentioned should be referred to in a consistent and similar manner.

4. For products with long generic names, the full generic name is to be used at least once. A shortened generic name may be used, provided it is first used in brackets after the full generic name (e.g., acetylsalicylic acid can be referred to as ASA).

5. For devices (e.g., blood glucose meters) it is acceptable to name the device, provided sections 6 and 7 are adhered to.

6. Company names will not be used in conjunction with references to pharmaceutical products or devices.

    6.1 This does not preclude the naming of the Sponsor, which can be used in the circumstances indicated in other sections of these Guidelines or in CCCEP’s Standards.

7. Images of pharmaceutical products or devices are not to be used unless essential for the educational purpose of the Learning Activity.

    7.1 Where an image is required for educational purposes, it must be done so that all products and/or devices are treated equally.