Standard 11: Reports and Activity Updates

Standard 11: Providers must submit summary evaluation reports to CCCEP post-delivery and must not make changes to accredited content.

Required Elements to Meet The Standard:

11.1 Providers will provide summary reports to CCCEP on the results of learners’ program evaluations which includes:
  1. The delivery dates;
  2. Number of participants;
  3. A summary of the responses to closed-ended questions;
  4. A copy of comments made in open-ended questions.

This summary report must not include the names of learners or any other identifying information and must be provided to CCCEP in accordance with the timeframes outlined in Guideline H.

11.2 Any changes to an accredited Learning Activity must be approved as part of an Activity Update and cannot exceed 10% of the Learning Activity content.
  1. All Activity Updates must be accompanied by one Expert Review.
  2. Changes in excess of 10% require the program to be submitted as a new Learning Activity submission and will be subject to a full Accreditation review.
  3. Repeated Activity Updates are not intended to replace the need to submit an application for a new activity Accreditation review. The Executive Director of CCCEP may indicate to a Provider that they must seek a new Accreditation review if repeated updates of substantive content are sought.