Standard 1: Relevance and Transfer

Standard 1: All Learning Activities will be relevant to, and facilitate the transfer of learning to, practice.

Required elements to meet the standard

1.1. The Learning Activity will be based on the learning needs of the targeted participants, which must be determined through a Needs Assessment.

This could be identified in a variety of ways through a Needs Assessment conducted using appropriate data sources (e.g., survey of pharmacy professionals).

The Needs Assessment will identify the knowledge, skill or practice gap that the Learning Actvity intends to fill.

1.2. The perspectives, objectives and content of all learning activities will be relevant to pharmacy practice, including activities designed for a multidisciplinary target group.

1.3. The Learning Activity must utilize educational formats that:

  • Are appropriate to the intended goals and outcomes of the education;
  • Facilitate opportunities to see the application of (e.g., present a case study) new knowledge, skills and competencies into practice; and
  • Support thoughtful reflection and encourage the application of the learning directly into practice.

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