Guideline F: Statements of Attendance

1. Providers will have a method to confirm participation in the complete Learning Activity. This may include, but is not limited to, the following:

     1.1 Sign-in sheet at an in-person learning event;

     1.2  Sign-in confirmation in a Learning Management System/Secure Web Portal;

     1.3  Completion of a Learner Assessment; or

     1.4  Records of attendance downloaded from a videoconference platform.

2. A program Provider will issue a Letter/ Statement of Attendance to learners who completed the Learning Activity.

3. Providers will not use the word “certificate” on the Letter/Statement of Attendance unless the Learning Activity has been accredited by CCCEP as a certificate program or a competency mapped certificate program.

4. The Letter/Statement of Participation will include the following information:

      4.1 Learner name and license number (where applicable);

      4.2  Learning Activity title;

     4.3   CCCEP number;

     4.4   CCCEP accredited logo;

     4.5   Number of CEUs assigned;

     4.6   Date(s)/location(s) learner attended or date learner completed the Learning Activity;

     4.7   Learning Activity Accreditation date and Accreditation expiry date;

     4.8   Provider name and contact information; and

     4.9   A statement of the type of Accreditation provided by CCCEP – e.g., Learning Objective Mapped, Competency Mapped, Certificate

5. If the Learning Activity was accredited as a modular activity, meaning that statements of attendance can be issued for each module completed, then in addition to the requirements in Section 4, the Statement or Letter of Participation must clearly identify the module completed (with a title that clearly differentiates it from the overall program title), CEUs assigned to the module and the date the module was completed.

6. The Letter/Statement of Attendance may include the Sponsor’s name but not include any Sponsor logos, product names, messages or branding statements.

7. A Provider must be able to issue a replacement or duplicate Letter/Statement of Attendance, for up to 3 years from the learner’s completion date.

     7.1  The Letter/Statement will indicate that it is a “duplicate” letter/statement.