Guideline I: Language of Submission and Translation of an Accredited Actvitiy

1. Learning activities may be accredited in English or French. 

     1.1 Learning Activity content related materials (i.e., activity content, Learner Assessment) may be submitted in English or French.

     1.2 Required forms (e.g., Disclosure/COI form, Checklists) will be completed in English, unless otherwise approved by CCCEP.

2. If a Learning Activity is translated from English to French, or vice versa, the translator of a CCCEP accredited Learning Activity will certify that the English or French translation corresponds in every respect to the original French or English version of the Learning Activity that was accredited.

3. If the translator is not a pharmacy or health professional who is familiar with health terminology, a bilingual pharmacy or other health professional must review the English or French translation and certify that the translation accurately reflects the content and clinical relevance of the accredited version of the Learning Activity, and uses appropriate medical terminology.

4. An audit may be conducted on a random selection of learning activities each year or may be conducted upon the receipt of a complaint about a Learning Activity.

4. In addition to all other requirements for submitting an application for Accreditation, the Provider will submit to CCCEP:

     4.1  A signed statement from the translator and/or the reviewing bilingual pharmacy or other professional on the prescribed form to confirm the French or English translation accurately depicts the original accredited Learning Activity; and

     4.2  A copy of the translated Learning Activity for CCCEP records.