Standard 5: Unbiased and Effective Adult Learning

Standard 5: The delivery of the Learning Activity will be unbiased and facilitate effective adult learning.

Required Elements to Achieve This Standard

5.1 a) All Learning Activities, with the Exception of Conference and Regularly Scheduled Series sessions, must include interactive elements to help participants achieve the Learning Objectives and transfer knowledge into practice.

       b) At minimum, the interactive elements must represent 25% of the total Learning Activity delivery time.

       c) Conferences and Regularly Scheduled Series are exempt from mandatory interactive elements; however, Providers are encouraged to include them where feasible.

5.2     The delivery of a Learning Activity will be based on current best available evidence, including available evidence related to adult learning principles and delivered in a manner that is Learner-centered and ensures the learners’ understanding of the topic.

5.3    a) All Authors, presenters and facilitators involved with the development or delivery of a Learning Activity will have the appropriate competence and credibility in the subject matter and Learning Activity delivery methods, gained through education or experience.
  b) An Author, presenter, or facilitator will not be an employee of the Learning Activity Sponsor, if that Sponsor is a Commercial Interest.
  c) An Author, presenter or facilitator will not be an employee of a Commercial Interest whose products are discussed in the Learning Activity.

5.4   Learning activities may be delivered in English and/or French; however, Accreditation in the respective language(s) must have been received.

5.5   The Provider will provide the learner with a statement of attendance and have a reasonable method of confirming learner attendance.