Guideline D: Accreditation of a Learning Activity Focusing on a Unique Product

1. This guideline applies to any Learning Activity that involves a unique product.

2. A Learning Activity focused on a unique product is generally not eligible for CCCEP Accreditation. It may; however, be considered for Accreditation if it meets the conditions outlined in this Guideline.

3. For the purpose of this Guideline, a product is defined as a drug, device, technology or service.

4. For the purpose of this Guideline, a Unique Product may be:
     4.1  A product that is the only product in a new class of drug or device;
  4.2  A drug or device that is the only one in its class licensed for use in Canada;
  4.3  A drug or device that is the only one in its class licensed for a particular indication in Canada;
   4.4  A device or technology that has unique capabilities from other similar devices or technologies available in Canada; or
  4.5  A product deemed eligible as a unique product by CCCEP.

5. CCCEP believes it is important that pharmacy professionals are able to access learning activities about treatments and procedures that involve unique products.

6. A Learning Activity that contains information on a unique product may be considered for Accreditation provided every effort is made to minimize Bias in the Learning Activity. This may be achieved by meeting the following conditions:

      6.1  The focus of the Learning Activity is on the health condition and the treatment or management of the condition;

      6.2  The information about the unique product, its use and results are presented in a comparative format with other products, their uses and results;

             6.2.1  The basis for the information on the unique product is the unique product’s research, and the following will be presented;

             6.2.2  The scope, validity, reliability and limitations of the unique product;

             6.2.3  The indications, contraindications and limitations of the use of the unique product; and

             6.2.4  The conditions which may impact the effectiveness or safety of the unique product.

7. If successfully accredited, a Learning Activity focusing on a Unique Product must be updated within 30 days of a similar or equivalent product being introduced or available on the market. This requires application to CCCEP for an Activity Update (see UPDATE AN ACTIVITY (

      7.1  When applying for a renewal or extension of Accreditation, the Provider must verify that the product remains a Unique Product and is expected to remain a Unique Product for the renewal or extension period. At a minimum, the Provider will conduct a literature search for new products or new evidence on the product and the effects of the product.