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Submission of Concern/Complaint

All complaints must be submitted in writing to the Executive Director. Complaints may be submitted by mail, courier, or e-mail.
Complaints are investigated in accordance with CCCEP’s policy, which may be found here.
Upon receipt of your complaint the Executive Director will contact you to advise you of the process by which your complaint will be handled and to obtain further information regarding your concern, issue, or complaint.
You may wish to contact the Executive Director by phone or e-mail regarding the submission of your complaint.
Submission of Complaints by Mail or Courier:

Send your complaint to:

Please mark you submission private and confidential.

Please provide:

  1. Your full name, address, telephone numbers (work and home), and e-mail information. NOTE: While CCCEP is open to the receipt of anonymous complaints, please be advised that this may limit the ability for the organization to appropriately investigate and respond to such complaints. Provision of your name and contact information is preferred and encouraged.
  2. If the complaint involves a CCCEP policy:
    • The policy title or description
    • The section of the policy involved in the complaint
  3. If it involves a program accredited by CCCEP or an Accredited Provider of CCCEP
    1. Title of the Program
    2. Name of the program provider
    3. Date(s) that took the program
    4. Location where took the program (If Independent Study Program, the website, video source, journal, telephone number, etc.)
    5. Name of Instructor/Facilitator
  4. A brief description of the concern, issue and/or complaint;
  5. The type of resolution to the issue that you desire.

Submission of Complaints by E-Mail:

You may complete the following form and submit it to the Executive Director by clicking on the submit button at the bottom of the form.

"*" indicates required fields

If a Complaint about a Program
MM slash DD slash YYYY
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.