Tara Maltman-Just: An Illustrious Career

A Pharmacist with Ambition

This is the third article in a series of articles by CCCEP about the value of high quality continuing education for pharmacy professionals, the difference it can make to their practice and careers, and the role accreditation can play in ensuring the quality of continuing education.

Finding Her Niche

Tara Maltman-Just provides a great example of how embracing continuing education has helped her be the best pharmacist she can be. As she thinks back to her beginnings in the field, she remembers the pivotal moment at her high school’s career fair. A well-reputed pharmacist and educator was speaking about the pharmacy profession and seeking recruits for the University of Manitoba’s pharmacy program. Tara was captivated hearing about the diversity of job possibilities within this field, and she saw tremendous potential to continue her learning and growth if she chose a career in this area. She found herself intrigued by the potential to integrate art and science, by maximizing effective communication and personalizing healthcare expertise that pharmacy seemed to demand. Tara chose to become a pharmacist.

Making a Difference Right from the Start

After completing her BSc (Pharm), Tara began working in a community setting. On the job full time ever since, and while also completing a Master’s degree, she observed many patients dealing with multiple conditions, having been prescribed numerous different therapies, and not finding meaningful results. Tara found it gratifying to truly listen to her patients, help them understand their unique needs and better manage their healthcare; it seemed that consultation was an intuitive area for her.

A Success Story

Recalling one recent success, Tara explained: “Speaking with a new patient on her goals for sleep and vasomotor symptom management, I uncovered the fact that years earlier, she had also experienced a few bone breaks. Through further discussion and using screening and treatment tools recently reviewed in an accredited program, I collaborated with her and her physician to order a bone mineral density test that had never been evaluated before. When the results indicated osteoporosis, I created a personalized therapeutic plan to support this patient’s bone health and overall wellness goals. I think this is a good example of how staying on top of the guidelines, listening carefully to patients, and collaborating with other healthcare professionals can optimize therapeutic outcomes”

Continuing Education is Integral to Success

Tara feels that high-quality continuing education constitutes an integral part of any pharmacist’s career. And with peer-reviewed, accredited courses, she knows she can always trust the integrity of the content and apply the knowledge she gains from them in her clinical practice with confidence. This is invaluable to her, and brings a higher level of satisfaction to her practice of pharmacy. Tara can easily see the impact her learning has on patients. She sums it up succinctly: “Keeping on top of innovative approaches to pharmacy practice helps me create the best possible therapeutic plans as I focus on ‘treating the person, not just the disease’.”

Making a Difference

A natural entrepreneur, Tara launched her own independent clinical consultative practice in 2013. With a focus on person-centred care, Tara’s work is the culmination of her years of experience, and a reflection of her areas of special interest. Her many career successes have led Tara to receive numerous prestigious awards and accolades, but Tara feels her most meaningful achievement has been the chance to develop an innovative practice that allows her to truly listen to and act on her patients’ needs.